Suman Guha

Studied computing at University of Glasgow and BIT Mesra. I'm born in Kolkata and lived/worked in England, Scotland and Canada. In real life I am interested in lot of things, therefore I am always open to new ideas and challenges.... I love building products....

About my Work

I work for Red Hat and over the years wore variety of hats viz. Product Owner (Canadian Startup), Engineering Manager (Agile Coach), Lead Engineer(Scrum Master) and Developer for customer obsessed product engineering teams ranging from startups to public companies.

Agile Coach

I am trained Agile Coach (PMI Agile Certified Practitioner and Certified Scrum Master) and hold proven track record of building self empowered & self organized teams from ground up.

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I blog about

agile practices


opensource, web, mobile, cloud, product discovery, user experience, agile, lean, xp, scrum, devops, data, machine learning, cognitive computing, recommendation engine and advanced business analytics


mozilla, openstack, pmi, scrum alliance

Cutting code

If required I am comfortable rolling up sleeves and cutting code.

render "Hobbyist programmer loves playing with Python | Java | Grails | Web | Android "


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